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End of Year Activities

Funfair 2015The usual end of year activities were all completed at the end of the Academic Year 2014/2015 with one exception. The Field Day had to be omitted this year because we lost many school-days to snowstorms. We could not extend the academic year because the fast of Eed al-Fitr came on the first day of the summer holiday.

School trips were organized to various places. This year we asked educators to join the teachers on school trips in order to ensure the safety of children. All students from Kindergarten to the highest classes enjoyed this year's trips which were very well organized. The cooperation of teachers and educators, and the very high number of adults accompanying children, resulted in a very positive outcome for all groups.

The Funfair was held on Wednesday and Thursday 27 and 28 May 2015 with its usual activities. Mr. Bashir Monsef and his Funfair 2015team did an excellent job as usual. The Funfair coincided with the visit of our EVS/EMS partners: Rev. Klaus Schmid and Rev. Dr. Uwe Gräbe. It was also a good time for our partners who participated in the fun.
We thank Mr. Monsef and all our teachers, trainers, educators, employees, and students who assisted him in making this year's funfair another wonderful success.

The Kindergarten graduation was held on Thursday 11 June 2015 at 11.00 AM in Hermann Schneller Hall. As usual, the children performed very well with music, play-acting, dances, and songs, to the delight of their parents and relatives attending. The message of the director this year to parents was about the safety of children during the summer holiday. He gave the parents advice on all the dangers they have to watch for during summer to keep their children safe.
We thank all the teachers who worked hard with our children through the school-year and in preparing the very nice graduation program. KG Graduation 2015

The graduation ceremony for nine vocational students was held on Friday 12 June 2015 at 4.00 PM in Hermann Schneller Hall.  The main speaker was the head of the municipal council of Khirbet Qanafar Mr. Toni Bou Izzeh. Also attending was the chairman of the Parents' Committee Mr. Mohammad Taha, and the president of the Alumni Association in Lebanon, Dr. Najem Haddad, along with other members of his executive committee. A reception followed the ceremony.
The graduation ceremony this year was very special. It included the first four students in Lebanon to graduate with the Dual System certificate in Woodworking.
This new program was incorporated into the KG Graduation 2015Lebanese vocational training system by request, and through the efforts, of Johann Ludwig Schneller School. We worked with our partners in Germany EMS/EVS, the GIZ, and the department of Vocational Training in the Lebanese Ministry of Education to translate the German curriculum and localize it for Lebanon.
Official exams for this new vocation were also held for the first time in Lebanon. The only four students sitting for those exams were the four Schneller students.
Our students did very well in those exams. One student, Abd El-Aziz Fares, graduated with high distinction. Schneller School had a surprise for him. The director announced during the ceremony that Abd El-Aziz will be employed as a assistant-trainer for Woodworking in JLSS.
We thank our partners in Germany EMS/EVS, GIZ, the department of Vocational Training in the Lebanese Ministry of Education, and our trainers who helped us realize this very important goal.

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