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EVS and SVS Partner Visits 2018

Ms. Kerstin Sommer, the newly appointed chairperson of EVS (Schneller Society in Germany), visited JLSS from Wednesday 31 October until Friday 2 November 2018. She had several meetings with the director to follow-up on developments and see how EVS can furtherKerstin Sommer in JLSS support the work in our school. She visited the various departments and met with staff. She also visited workshops, classrooms, boarding homes, and students of all age groups, both boys and girls. She also met the ten women attending the Single Mothers' Program and followed-up on the Syrian refugee programs.
She travelled back to Beirut on Friday where she attended the Schneller Board meeting that was held in the National Evangelical Church in Beirut at 12:00 PM. Also attending was Rev. Dr. Uwe Graebe who was also visiting Lebanon.

Rev. Ursus Waldmeier, chairman of SVS (Schneller Society in Switzerland) visited JLSS from 6 till 8 November 2018. He also was able to follow-up on work in JLSS and especially the projects that SVS is supporting. He also discussed the needs of JLSS with the director and how SVS can further support different projects.

We thank Kerstin and Ursus for their visits, and we especially thank them for the wonderful support both EVS and SVS are providing to our school.

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