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EVS/EMS Visit December 2019

EVS EMS Visit December 2019Uwe Gräbe, Christoph Hildebrandt-Ayasse, Kerstin Sommer, and Felix Weiß visited Lebanon from November 28 till December 4, 2019. They arrived in JLSS on Sunday 1 December and stayed until Tuesday 3 December when they returned to Beirut to attend the Schneller Board meeting in the afternoon.
It was very nice to have Felix, who is now working in the EMS offices in Stuttgart, in the group. Felix was a volunteer in JLSS for the academic year 2010/2011. He knows JLSS inside out. It was great to have him visit and catch up with old friends.
Uwe, Felix and Kerstin, who know our school very well, showed Christoph around the school. Christoph is from the Württemberg Church which generously supports JLSS. It was very important for him to see the work that is done for underprivileged children and the developments in our school that were only possible through the grants that we received from EVS/EMS and the Württemberg Church.
We sincerely thank all members of the group for their visit. We thank them for their wonderful support of our school. We also express or most sincere gratitude to EMS/EVS and the Württemberg Church for enabling our school to fulfill its mission to needy children.

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