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EVS EMS Visit September 2014

EVS General Secretary Rev. Dr. Uwe Gräbe and EVS President Rev. Klaus Schmid visited Schneller School from Monday 22 till Thursday 25 September 2014. They attended the board meeting in the NationalUwe and Klaus Checking EMS Furniture Evangelical Church in Beirut after which Rev. George D. Haddad drove them to JLSS.
During the visit they were able to experience the start of the academic year. They visited the various JLSS departments and met students and members of staff.
They visited BBH1 which is the boarding home for the youngest boys in JLSS and presented children with Steiff Teddy Bears that were kindly sent from Germany.
They were able to see work on the furniture that was ordered by EMS for chapel in the EMS offices building in Stuttgart. The fact that our carpentry workshop was making the furniture for the EMS chapel is a great honor for JLSS especially the carpentry workshop which will also be earning a good income from that project.
Rev. Dr. Gräbe and Rev. Schmid discussed the various projects that EVS is funding in JLSS in addition to its major support of the running operations that enable our school to provide free care and education to needy students.
The three main projects that are currently supported are the Syrian Refugee Children and Single Mother's programs in addition to the energy project and the replacement of the roof tiles of St. Michael's Church.
JLSS Children with Steiff Bears On top of the agenda was the arrival of the EMS co-worker, Miss Dorothee Beck, who will be the head of the boarding department for the coming three years.
As the main Dahr Al-Beidar road was closed for traffic by the relatives of the Lebanese police and army hostages held by ISIS and NUSRA, Rev. Dr. Gräbe and Rev. Schmid had to take the long Shouf-mountain road back to Beirut.
We thank Rev. Dr. Uwe Gräbe and Rev. Klaus Schmid for their visit and for their wonderful support of JLSS.
We also thank the donors of the Steiff Bears for bringing happiness to our children.

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