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EVS Energy Expert and World Bank IT Donation

Our partners in Germany EVS in coordination with Public Works - Waiblingen sent an engineer, who is an energy expert, to JLSS. The aim of his visit was to make an assessment of the heating systems of our school.
Mr. Rolf Bartel arrived on Sunday 17 February 2013.
He spent a whole week inspecting the central heating and solar water heating systems.
He will prepare a report of energy recommendations for JLSS which we hope to implement the coming five years.
Most of the old central heating systems are wasting enormous amounts of energy and diesel. Old Central Heating Burners
Furthermore, the solar water heating panels are not used to the best of their potential.
The output of most of the central heating burners is much bigger than the energy needs of buildings, and a few are smaller.
Modernization and upgrading through the energy plan of Mr. Bartel will save enormous amounts of money once implemented.
Mr. Bartel went back to Germany on Sunday 24 February.
The plan is for him to return in summer to oversee the implementation of the first stage of his energy plan.
We express our sincere gratitude to EVS, Public Works - Waiblingen, and Mr. Rolf Bartel for his visit and its very positive outcome.

The World Bank office in Beirut kindly donated to JLSS six Dell laptops and six Dell LCD monitors. The monitors replaced the old CRT monitors in many of the JLSS offices. The laptops will be placed in the new school library (Stammeier Library) which we will soon open.
We thank the World Bank - Lebanon, Ms. Guitta El-Alam, and alumnus George Eid Eid for the kind donations of the World Bank - Lebanon which have always been most helpful to our school.

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