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EVS Foundation Grant for Diesel Restores Heating to Boarding Homes

We received wonderful news from the EVS Foundation in Germany through Rev. Klaus Schmid that the foundation decided to grant our school € 5,000 for diesel in order to restore central heating to all our boarding homes. Furthermore, the foundation promised additional support if necessary.
We immediately restored central heating to all boarding homes and readjusted switch-off time of our electricity generators to 11.00 PM. Snowstorm March 2012
The Schneller Board in Beirut also took the decision to install electric heating systems for classrooms and offices in two buildings. We were heating two four-story buildings just to heat four classes and one office in each. Using the electric heating systems will also save enormous amounts on diesel bills.
We also contracted a specialized company to tune our electric generators and fix the smaller one.
We will also adjust the central heating systems in two buildings this coming summer to narrow down central heating to the floors  of boarding homes only, and to install much smaller burners. We will relocate one of our huge new efficient burners from one of those buildings to another that has an old totally inefficient one. All those changes will help us reduce our diesel expenditure.
Last week we had the first Spring days and the temperature started warming up. We hope this trend in the weather will continue and we will have a beautiful Lebanese warm Spring soon.
We express our most sincere gratitude to the EVS Foundation and Rev. Klaus Schmid for this wonderful grant that enabled us to restore central heating to all our boarding homes. 

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