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Fantastic News from BibleLands

We received fantastic news from BibleLands. Jennie Watts informed us that the Board of Trustees approved a grant for JLSS of GBP 12,623.00 towards the solar water heating panels. This will enable us to provide the four boys' homes (currently being renovated with a grant from EMS and Solar PanelsThe Protestant Church of W├╝rttemberg - Germany) with Solar heating units. This is fantastic news. We will be saving a  lot of money on our electricity bills and our boys will be able to shower every day seven to nine months per year. The other months the UV will also be slightly heating the water and it will also save us money on diesel. Praise God for these great blessing for JLSS. Not only that but BibleLands is trying to send us additional money next year to replace some of the old wooden windows with double glazed aluminum windows. This will also be wonderful and will save us a lot of money on diesel bills. This grant will improve the daily life of our boys and will save us a lot of money indefinitely. This is a great help which will reduce the deficit in our budget. We express our most sincere gratitude to BibleLands, the Board of Trustees, Mo Burnley and Jennie Watts and all our dear friends and partners at BibleLands. We especially want to thank all the BibleLands supporters who provide grants that are transforming the lives of very needy children in Lebanon and the Middle East. We praise God for all our Christian partners and friends. 
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