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Farewell to André and Rolland but not to Snow

A farewell gathering was held on Wednesday 14 March 2012 at 9:50 AM for André Haddad and Rolland Hausler. It was held during the weekly gathering of teachers and staff. Our chefs prepared a huge cake for the occasion which everyone enjoyed after it was cut by both André and Rolland. André and Rolland Cutting the Cake
André Haddad who has been working as an educator in the boarding department since 1997 reached retirement age, so it was time to wish him a happy birthday and thank him for his long years of dedicated service.
Rolland Hausler, the Swiss volunteer from SVS who arrived on 11 October 2011, was at the end of his term which was for five months. As an Information Technology specialist he looked after our computer class during that period. He fixed, updated, and upgraded the computers in the IT class and other workshops and offices in JLSS. He supervised students who used the IT class. He assisted our staff in the final stage of the installation of the local area network of the school which we have been working on since September 2009. He also prepared excellent documentation and charts about the network.
We thank Rolland for his professional work, and we wish him the best in his career. We also thank André for his long years of dedicated service and wish him a very happy and productive retirement. We especially thank our Swiss partners SVS for sending Rolland and supporting him during his volunteer work at JLSS.
Contrary to Rolland and André, the snowstorms of this winter did not yet want to say good bye. So Friday 16 March brought more snow to our area. The temperature dropped at night to -2 degrees Celsius, but our boarding homes were kept warm thanks to the additional support for diesel we kindly received form our German partners (EVS Foundation). We are looking forward to the arrival of Spring soon!

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