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Farewell to Hans Lehner & Therese Makhoul

A special farewell celebration was held during the weekly staff gathering on Thursday 24 June 2013 for Mr. Hans Lehner and Mrs. Therese Makhoul.

Hans has been serving JLSS as head of the finance department for three year. He came after it became clear that JLSS needed a highly qualified person to manage this extremely important division of our school. He did an excellent job and we are most grateful for his work. We wanted him to renew his contract for three more years, but he was eager to return to work in his field in Germany.

Therese has been serving JLSS as a teacher of the Arabic language for thirty one years. She is a dedicated teacher who taught many generation and passed on to them her excellent knowledge of Arabic.
JLSS, like all other schools in Lebanon, is facing enormous financial challenges because of the enormous increases of teachers' salaries decided by the Lebanese government. Teachers who served 30 years have the option of early retirement with an excellent pension scheme. To deal with the financial challenges JLSS is urging teachers who reach this stage to take early retirement to reduce its financial burden and help it deal with the challenges it is facing.
Mrs. Therese Makhoul kindly accepted the option of early retirement and in this provided an additional help to the school on top of her thirty one years of service.

Both Hans and Therese cut the cake which was prepared by the kitchen staff for this special occasion. Rev. George D. Haddad then presented both with gifts from JLSS in gratitude for their wonderful work.
We thank them both for their kind dedication and excellent work.

We wish Hans a very successful career, and we wish Therese a very healthy, busy, and happy retirement.

 Hans and Therese cutting the cake

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