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Farewell to Hisham Maalouf

Mr. Hisham Maalouf who was a trainer in the car mechanics workshop decided to leave JLSS at the end of the Academic Year 2013/2014. He resigned and the last staff gathering before his departure was on Thursday 24 July 2014. A special farewell celebration was held in his honor during that staff gathering.  Farewell to Hisham Maalouf
The director thanked Mr. Maalouf for his excellent work and dedication to JLSS. As Mr. Maalouf did not disclose his intentions after leaving our school, Rev. Haddad warned him of the scam that a previous employee fell to when he submitted his resignation and paid a huge amount expecting a high pay job, to discover later that it was all a scam. He lost his money and was not able to return to JLSS because another person was already employed for his position. He asked him to be very cautious and wished him the best in his new career. He was presented with a farewell gift from JLSS.
As it was the last staff gathering before the summer holiday, Mrs. Houda Saadeh prepared home made KENAFE for that special occasion, which everyone enjoyed.

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