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Boarding Children Hold a Farewell Party for Tobias Schicker

On Saturday 12 May 2007, children of our Tobias with Childrenboarding department held a special farewell party for Tobias Schicker, the Swiss volunteer who was with us since March 15, 2007. Tobias, who left Lebanon on Monday morning 14 May, was very much loved by our children. He was the first expatriate volunteer to come to our school after the last war, and his work with our children was very much appreciated. He helped children with their studies, played with them, listened to them, helped them practice their English, and was a true friend and brother to the children of the two families (boarding homes) in which he served. We express our sincere gratitude to Tobias for his wonderful work in our school, and we thank our Swiss partners "Schnellerverein Schweiz" for arranging for him to be with us. We look forward to developing our partnership with our Swiss partners, and to receiving more volunteers who, like Tobias, would first help our children, and then upon returning home, become friends and ambassadors of our school.
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