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FESTO Machinery Donated to JLSS

 Fadi and other Students with Mr. Lehmann in FESTO Training CenterThe relationship between FESTO - Germany and our school is a very old one. It provides our school with wonderful support both in training and equipment. The latest donation to our workshops was a Weiler digital lathe with an accuracy of 1/100th mm. This is a very important addition to our industrial mechanics workshop. It is very necessary for the Dual System program.
Other needed items including tools, programs, books, and specialized software were also sent with this shipment.
From FESTOOL we received the amazing vacuum grip that holds boards securely by suction allowing unprecedented ease of work and accessibility without any obstructions especially with the use of power tools. We also received two cordless drills with the very useful angle accessory that allows drilling at an angle in very difficult positions. We express our thanks to FESTOOL and Mrs. Nadenau for those wonderful tools.
From FESTO Didactic we received two Siemens PLS units, an electrical oscilloscope, a specialized hydraulic pump for Plexiglas valves, hydraulic cylinders and valves, the newest system for assembling Fadi with Mr. Dietler Wallerpneumatic controls on an MPS laboratory table, mechatronics assistance software with FESTO license, and two computers. We thank FESTO Didactic, Mr. Waller and his supporting team for those extremely helpful tools and additions to our workshops. We thank Dr. Nader Imani and his supporting team for the fluid-sim software with six licenses. We also thank Mr. Stephan Fritsch, Mr. Stefan Dietl, and Mr. Raisch for supplying us with a basic training course for CNC and metal works.
We thank FESTO, Dr. Peter Post, Mr. Ohmer, and Mr. Souhail Jammal for supplying our electrical works workshop with aluminum-profile stands for assembling electrical circuits, and we especially thank them for organizing the training program of our newly appointed program coordinator, Mr. Fadi Tebcherani, in Germany.
We also thank BBW, Mr. Gaag, and Mr. Hekmann for supplying our carpentry workshop with training books with teachers guides on technology, math, and technical drawing. We thank Mr. Scheibel Häußer for providing us with CNC software and some practical exercises for carpenters.
We thank Stihl Company - Waiblingen and Mr. Günther Kahn and his team for the basic training course for the production of vices for industrial mechanics metal work as developed by Stihl Company.
FESTO does not only send us this very expensive equipment but also pays the freight, clearance, and customs charges. We express our most sincere gratitude to FESTO, Dr. Post, and Mr. Souhail Jammal for this latest shipment to our school and for their wonderful partnership and support.
FESTO Tools and Machinery Donated to JLSS
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