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FESTO Shipments Arrive

Both shipments kindly sent to our school from Germany by FESTO (Festo AG & Co.KG) arrived to our school. The first shipment arrived on Thursday 17 May, and the second arrived on Friday 18 May 2007. The first shipment included six computers, pneumatic accessories, a bigger FESTOOL Rotor for our CNC machine, and some books and other items. It also included the pressure valve, filter, and all the additional accessories for reducing the pressure of our main water supply pipes. The second shipment included the three displays of pneumatic construction. We are so happy those displays arrived on time for the yearly exhibition of the vocational school, which will be part of the three-day Fun Fair held in our school from May 25 until 27.
The main donation (EUR 700) for the pressure valve, filter, and all its accessories came from Mrs. Luise Saier who on her birthday this year told her family and friends that instead of receiving gifts she would like them to donate the money to our school.  The rest of the money came from Mrs. Marta Höp (EUR 100), Mr. Siegfried Leyer (EUR 50), Mr. Souhail Jammal (EUR 100), Mr. Michael Ohmer (EUR 120), and Mr. Ricardo Schlösser (EUR 240). We express our most sincere gratitude to Mrs. Luise Saier for her wonderful kindness and great idea which helped our school in a marvelous way. We also thank Mrs. Marta Höp, Mr. Siegfried Leyer, Mr. Souhail Jammal, Mr. Michael Ohmer, and Mr. Ricardo Schlösser  for their wonderful kindness in raising the rest of the needed money to enable us to have all the parts we need. We also want to thank Mrs. Nadenau and Mr. Martin Godel for their kind help too.
We especially want to thank FESTO for their wonderful friendship and very generous support of our school. They not only sent us all those items but also paid for their shipment, clearance and customs duties. This is a wonderful generosity that we are highly appreciative of.
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