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FESTO Training Program for Program Coordinator

FESTO kFadi with Dr. Post in FESTOindly arranged a training program for Mr. Fadi Tebcherani, the newly appointed Program Coordinator of our Vocational School. His visit to FESTO Esslingen-Berkheim in Germany was from 16 July until 15 September 2008. His program included technical fields like mechatronics, and training in leadership skills like team-work, conflict-resolution, and technologies of presentation and visualization. He visited Wilhelm-Maybach School in Stuttgart where he acquired information about organization and planning in vocational schools and work safety. He also attended short seminars held by Daimler-Benz about the KUKA Robot system, and BOSCH about new injectors. Fadi & Souhail at FESTO
He visited FESTO education department, BBW in Waiblingen, and professional schools for electricians by BOSCH.
We express our sincere gratitude to FESTO for sponsoring and arranging this visit. We thank FESTO and Dr. Post for all the wonderful support our school receives in staff training, technical know-how, equipment, and generous help. We also express our thanks to Mr. Souhail Jammal for his wonderful help and support.
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