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Field Day 2010

Our yearly Field Day is eagerly awaited for by students, teachers, and members of staff.  Children, adults, students, teachers and members of staff enjoy this very important break in the academic year. All are exhilarated by the sporting events that bring them together in an excellent atmosphere of friendship and fun.
The Field Day was held on Friday 14 May 2010. All sorts of sports activities, games, and tournaments were held during the day. New interesting games were introduced this year, like Dr. Ball, which everyone enjoyed.
The final event of the day was a game of Dr. Ball played between the students' team and that of the teachers and trainers. This year the students won. It couldn't have ended in another way as the students were really enjoying bombarding their teachers and trainers with an endless barrage of balls.
We express our thanks to Mr. Michael Karam, our sports teacher, and all the teachers and students who assisted him in order to make that day a great success.
Field Day 2010
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