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J.L.S.S. Celebrates Founder's Day

The eleventh of November is Founder's Day for Schneller schools. On this day Schneller schools commemorate the founding of Schneller school back in 1860 when the founder, Johann Ludwig Schneller arrived in Jerusalem. Students of Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule in Lebanon had been preparing for the occasion with their teachers for weeks. Special poetry, songs, music, and plays were especially written and composed for the occasion. The younger group had their celebration on Thursday 9 November 2006, and the older group celebrated the occasion on Friday 10 November. Both programs were held in the Herman Schneller Hall and the students excelled in poetry, song, dance, and music. Both programs were very nice reflecting the understanding of both our students and teachers of the values on which our school was founded. Students of all ages and from both the vocational and academic schools participated in the lovely programs. Our bakery had special cakes prepared for the occasion. They were offered after each program to every student, teacher, and member of staff. The school hosted the special yearly dinner for all teachers and members of staff with their spouses in Masharef Restaurant. It began at 8.00 pm with delicious Lebanese food and local music that got louder and louder as the time passed eventually leading to traditional Lebanese dancing DABKEH which our teachers and members of staff perform outstanding well. The restaurant surprised us with a special treat when a local singer performed popular Lebanese songs live, to the delight of everyone in spite of the terribly loud music.
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Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

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