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Founder's Day and Independence Day Celebrated on 22 November 2022

Founders Independence 2022After three years of no celebrations due to Covid restrictions, JLSS Founder's Day which falls on the 11th of November and Lebanese Independence Day which falls on the 22nd were celebrated on Tuesday 22 November 2022 at 9:00 AM in Hermann Schneller Hall.
A nice program was presented to celebrate both occasions. 
It was wonderful to resume normal programs and celebrations. Everyone was delighted with the return of normal life. We hope this will continue.
We are still maintaining COVID preventative measures including wearing masks, temperature monitoring, and restricted access to school, but we thought it was safe now to resume normal programs to allow children to enjoy school through activities and celebrations they participate in.
JLSS teachers, trainers, educators, members of staff, and students attended the celebration.
Teachers and students worked hard to prepare the program which was very nice. It included parts in English, German, French, and Arabic.
We thank all teachers and students who prepared the program and participated in it.
Happy Founder's Day and Happy Independence Day!

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