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French Protestant College Visit

Grade 8 from the French Protestant College (CPF) in Beirut visited Schneller School on Tuesday November 30, 2010. They arrived at 10.30 in the morning when Grade 8 from our school joined our visitors and showed them around the school. They first had refreshments together and enjoyed the home-baked cakes and biscuits our guests brought with them especially for this visit. They got to know each other during that time then they visited both the academic and vocational departments of JLSS. They heard a lot about vocational training from our trainers when they visited their workshops. Accompanying them was the director of the French Protestant College in Beirut, Dr. André Servant, and Mrs. Riman Jabr who was the person who initiated this visit. The two classes from the French Protestant College and JLSS agreed to work on a joint project to discover the common history of both our institutions which were both founded as German schools. Mr. Servant gave a brief description about the history of the French Protestant College and its German origin, and he suggested that students of both schools work together to find common historical roots between both schools. We thank Dr. Servant, Mrs. Jabr, and Grade 8 of CPF for their wonderful visit, and we hope they will be successful in discovering our common history.
French Protestant College Visit
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