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Funfair 2013 Funfair 2013

The JLSS yearly funfair was held on Thursday 30 and Friday 31 May 2013. It was held under the auspices of the president of the municipal council in Khirbet Kanafar, Mr. Tony Abou Izzeh.
Mr. Abou Izzeh, a former JLSS teacher, declared the start of the funfair and delivered a short message after the national anthem was sung by students.
Rev. George D. Haddad welcomed and thanked him then said the opening prayer.
The funfair committee chaired by Mr. Bashir Monsef worked tirelessly to make all the necessary preparations. The staff dining hall was transformed into an exhibition room for selling the products of our workshops and other food items including Lebanese MOUNEH kindly donated by Mr. Monsef's mother, whom we sincerely thank for her wonderful kindness year after year.
Sports competitions were organized. Inflatable games, billiards, Funfair 2013 and other games were also rented and brought to JLSS for our students to enjoy.
The academic school exhibition was organized in Hermann Schneller Hall where students displayed various projects they made for lessons they learnt this year.
Delicious CHICH TAWOUK (barbequed chicken), hamburgers, French fries, and other food items were sold for everyone to enjoy. All boarding children were provided with all those delicacies free of charge, and they were also allowed to play with the inflatable games after 4.00 PM to their hearts' desire.
Parents, students, alumni, friends, and children of all ages came to JLSS to enjoy the funfair. Alumnus Dr. Farid Qowar accompanied by his wife surprised us with their visit on Thursday. They arrived form Amman, and they could not have arrived on a better day. Dr. Qowar Funfair 2013 caught up with old friends while Mrs. Qowar kindly did some shopping from the vocational exhibition in support of our school. We thank them both for their wonderful visit.
We express our thanks to Mr. Tony Abou Izzeh for attending our funfair and for his kind message.
We express our sincere gratitude to Mr. Bashir Monsef and his team of teachers and students, who worked very hard to make the funfair a true success.
We also express our sincere gratitude to all the sponsors who made contributions towards this very important event.

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