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Generous Donation by Mr. Dany Fayyad

Dany and Hussein with Mr. Haddad in NabatiyehTwo former students of Rev. George D. Haddad decided to visit him when they were back in Lebanon for holiday. Dany Fayyad and Hussein Ali Ahmad were students of Rev. Haddad when he was teaching in Nabatiyeh Evangelical School around thirty-five years ago! Both were in the boarding school.
In addition to excelling in English and Science, which Mr. Haddad was teaching, they also excelled in music (playing the recorder), photography, gardening, table tennis, handcrafts, and all the extracurricular activities that Mr. Haddad was running.
Wednesday 13 February 2019 was the very special day of the visit. It was an amazing day with a lot of nostalgia for the wonderful old days of Nabatiyeh and its nice memories.
Rev. Haddad showed Dany and Hussein around Schneller School and the work that is done for underprivileged children.
Just before they left, Dany enquired about the finances of the school and who is supporting this great project.
Rev. Haddad told him that it is mainly supported by our German partners EVS/EMS in addition to other partners in Switzerland, UK, and USA. Dany and Hussein with Rev. Haddad in Schneller School
He asked if locals support the project.
He was told that Schneller School receives small donations locally.
The questioning went further with Dany asking: “how do people know the bank details of the school?”
Rev. Haddad told him that the bank details are on the school’s website.
The great day ended with goodbyes and everyone emphasizing that a repeat of this get-together must be more often.
Few days later Hussein travelled to the UK and Dany went back to his work between Holland and Dubai.
The following week, Rev. Haddad was sent a bank note for a donation of US$ 5,000 by Dany Fayyad for supporting the orphans and needy in Schneller School!
The generous donation of Dany was overwhelming! What is even more important than the actual value of the donation, is the spirit of giving that it represents.
No teacher can have greater honor than having his students value his work, and years later, contribute generously towards it.
Thank you, Dany and Hussein, for your wonderful visit; and thank you Dany for your generosity and wonderful spirit in supporting our work.
May God bless you both.

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Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

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