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George Eid Eid Visit May 2014 George Eid Visit 2014

Alumnus George Eid Eid visited JLSS from Sunday 18 till Friday 23 May 2014. The purpose of his regular visits is to assist our maintenance staff doing odd jobs in the gardens and over the campus, and to do activities with the vocational students.
He did many activities with our boys including many sports tournaments. He brought 28 sports' outfits for our boys comprising of T-shirts, shorts, and socks which he, Elie Eid, and George Abou Hamad donated to our boarding department.
George Eid Visit 2014 We thank George for his volunteer-work in JLSS and the nice activities he did with our boys. We also thank him, Elie Eid and George Abou Hamad for the sports' outfits they bought for our boys.

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