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Group of German Pastors Visit JLSS

5 February 2008
A group of thirty German pastors from Bavaria lead by Rev. Dirk Wessel visited our school on Tuesday 5 February 2008. Their main interest was building bridges between Christians and Muslims. They came to our school to learn about the co-existence among our students who come from different faiths and who live and study together. The group was received by Mr. Martin Bernhard and then they met with the head of the boarding department, Mr. Nabil Maamarbashi, and the director of the school Rev. George D. Haddad. They attended our evening chapel service and participated by greeting our students and singing a hymn. They concluded their visit by visiting our students in their boarding homes. They kindly donated €200 to our school. The money was added to the fund for buying the needed TV sets and DVD players for the boarding department. We express our thanks to them for their generous donation and kind visit to our school.
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