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Good News from LBMS and RC Hamburg

We received wonderful news from the Lutheran Board for Mission Support - USA.  A grant of US$ 10,000 was approved during the last board meeting for the third stage of the central heating project in JLSS.
We express our sincere gratitude to Rev. Carl Shankweiler, Mr. Aziz Shalaby, and all members of the board for this grant and their wonderful support of our school.

Syrian Refugee Children 2014 We also got wonderful news from Dr. Heinrich Köhler of RC Hamburg of a grant of € 5,000 towards the renovation of an old house in Schneller School for use as a Kindergarten center. Syrian refugee children whose mothers receive vocational training in JLSS (Single Mothers' Program) are cared for in this center during the course.
We express our sincere gratitude to Dr. Heinrich Köhler and RC Hamburg for this kind grant and their kind support of JLSS.

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