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Play by Grain de Ble′ Theater Group

Grain de Ble′ Theater Group in JLSSA theater group from Grain de Ble′ comprising of Salam Saliby, Cyril Khoury, Lina Awad, and Daniel Shedrawi performed a play to children in JLSS on Tuesday 1 March 2011 at 1.30 PM in Hermann Schneller Hall. They started with the example of the doughnut which has a big hole and compared it to the emptiness in our heart that can only be filled by God. They also used the example of the tax collector who was filled with pride and selfish love of money and moved to the examples of Mary and Martha to teach the children about the importance of charity and love over pride and selfishness. They sang a hymn to the children who also joined them in singing that hymn. The children had a wonderful time, and they also learned about charity and love at the same time. We thank Grain de Ble′, Salam, Cyril, Lina, and Daniel for their wonderful performance, and for taking the trouble to come all the way to our school to perform to our children.
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