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Great News from Lutheran Board for Mission Support Old House

We received wonderful news from LBMS (Lutheran Board for Mission Support, Inc. - USA). During its last meeting in July 2013 the board decided to support two JLSS projects: The Upgrading of Central Heating Systems (stage 2014) and the Kindergarten Center. 6,300.00 US$ were allocated for the first project, and 5,000.00 US$ for the second. 200,00 US$ were also specifically donated for Syrian refugee students.

The central heating project is a four year project which was prepared by Rolf Bartel during his visit to JLSS in February 2013. It will be implemented in stages over a period of four years starting this summer. The EVS Foundation kindly financed the visit and study of Mr. Bartel and the implementation of the first stage. The donation of LBMS goes towards the second stage in 2014.
At the end of the four-year plan all central heating systems in JLSS will have been upgraded. They will be running efficiently at minimal cost thus saving a lot of money and preventing wasted energy.

KG Center Playground The Kindergarten Project will transform the old house behind the administration house into a KG center. We are already using the upper floor of the administration house for the KG classes. This restricts the area of both the offices and the KG classes. We hope to renovate the house in order to have an ideal place for KG children. The playground area for the KG center has already been prepared and is already being used by our children.

We sincerely thank LBMS for this kind grant and for its continued support of our school.

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