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GTZ Car Mechanics Seminar in Amman - Jordan Trainers from Lebanon in Mercedes Workshops Amman

GTZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit) Lebanon organized a car-mechanics training seminar in Mercedes Benz workshops in Amman - Jordan. Mr. Elie Mrad, one of our car-mechanics trainers was chosen to attend this seminar. The group from Lebanon arrived at Queen Alia International Airport at 6 PM on 11 December 2009. Mercedes dealership sent a van to pick the group from the airport. The group was composed of 11 trainers from Lebanon, and their accommodation was at the Geneva Hotel. The training was from 12 until 22 December 2009. The program covered the following topics:
1-  Suspension systems, description and diagnosis of the air-matic and body control (ABC) suspension systems. (3 days)
2-  Automatic transmission, function description of the 5-speed automatic transmission, 7-speed automatic transmission, transfers case of the 7-speed transmission. The training included also disassembly and assembly of these units. (3 days)
GTZ Car Mechanics Seminar in Amman3-  Brake control and active assistance systems, including ABR braking system, TCS traction control systems, ESP electronic stability program, latest developed assistance such as attention assistant, speed-limit assistant, lane-keep assistant, adaptive light assistant, night-view assistant, etc. (2 days)
4-  Safety and restraint systems, including air-bag systems, emergency tensioning retractors and neck-pro systems, passive and active safety systems and active bonnet in the E-class. (3 days)
5-  Introduction to high voltage awareness and S 400 Hybrid technology. (1 day)
Mr. Mrad, our trainer, found the seminar to be extremely beneficial and educating. It was a wonderful opportunity for him to catch up with the latest developments in Mercedes cars and car technology. Upon his return Elie, very enthusiastically, shared the information and knowledge he acquired in Amman with his colleagues and students.
We thank GTZ Lebanon for organizing this wonderful seminar, and we especially thank Mercedes Benz - Amman for hosting it.
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