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GTZ Study-course 2009 in Germany

GTZ Lebanon organized a trainers' workshop in Germany from 6 until 13 December 2009. The theme of the study-course was Supporting Dual System Vocational Training and the Development of Small and Mid-range industries. The director of the GTZ program in Lebanon, Prof. Dr. Michael Guder, was accompanying the group along with Dr. Georg Stecher from the GTZ in Germany.  Mr. Fadi Tebcherani, trainer in the Industrial Mechanics Department in JLSS, was with the group. He was also the translator. The Mr. Fadi Tebcherani in Germanymain subjects of the study course were:
The concept of Dual System training and the partnership with craftspeople and the local industry.
Organizing training in various learning locations.
Typical implementation of Dual System training after the end of the training period.
Learning concepts and methodology in directing lessons, working through projects, etc.
Preparing curricular, who are the participants.
Tests and certificates, the role of the chambers of commerce and industry.
Improving specialized skills of trainers methodologically and pedagogically.
The group visited the following training centers: Mr. Fadi Tebcheran with Lebanese Group in Germany
Berufsbildungszentrum (BBZ) der HWK Erfurt,
Ausbildungszentrum der E. on Energie Thüringen,
The Center of Professional & Technological Training (BTZ) Rohr Süd-Thüringen,
Technische Bildungsstätte Gotha,
Verein zur Förderung und Bildung Jugendlicher Bildungszentrum (FÖBI). 
The visit enabled all participants to really understand the Dual System for vocational training as implemented in Germany, how all participants are involved in various aspects, and the dynamics and relations between them.
The visit also included a visit to the German parliament in Berlin and other landmarks of the city.
We express our sincere gratitude to GTZ in Lebanon and Germany for this wonderful study program, for including our school in it, and for the excellent support we receive from GTZ that is enabling us to enhance and develop the implementation of Dual System vocational training in JLSS.
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