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GTZ Support Visit to JLSS

A GTZ delegation comprising of Mr. Jürgen Förderer and Mr. Yacoub Saab paid JLSS a technical support visit on Thursday 29 May 2008. The purpose of the visit was to follow up the implementation of the Dual System in our Car Mechanics andGTZ Visit to JLSS Industrial Mechanics departments. We also discussed the implementation of the Dual System in Carpentry and Industrial Electricity. The GTZ representatives had a long and fruitful meeting with JLSS staff giving advice and information on all aspects of the Dual System including curricula, forms, and all kinds of support material. They visited our carpentry workshop and informed us that it is adequate for the implementation of the Dual System. We hope to receive official recognition from the Department of Vocational Training of the Ministry of Education in order to be the first school in Lebanon to implement the Dual System in carpentry. A committee from all parties involved has been formed to develop the curriculum which we hope will be approved soon allowing us to launch this new program.  As for our Electrical Works workshop, we were informed that it will require a lot of advanced equipment before we can start implementing the Dual System for teaching Industrial Electricity. The needed equipment is very expensive and we need to start planning how to raise funds for this important need of our school. We express our thanks to GTZ, Mr. Jürgen Förderer, and Mr. Yacoub Saab for their very kind visit and the wealth of information they provided us. We look forward to furthering our cooperation with GTZ.
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