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Mr. Hekmann Delivers on Promise of Autographed Memorabilia

When Mr. Helmann visited JLSS with thGomez Signing Memorabilia for JLSSe EVS delegation last March he promised students autographed memorabilia of famous football players in Germany. He talked to students of Grade Nine about Mario Gomez during the German language period he visited. Students were very enthusiastic about the discussion, and their enthusiasm lead them to practice their German with Mr. Helmut Hekmann.
Last month we received a parcel from Mr. Hekmann which contained many beautiful pictures of football players of the VfB Stuttgart team. Three photos and one t-shirts were signed by Mario Gomez, and two other photos and the other t-shirt were signed by Serdar Tasci and Andreas Beck.
We gave the two students whom Mr. Hekmann promised Students Receiving Memorabiliaautographed photos one each. We were left with two autographed t-shirts and photos.
In order to be fair to all the students we held two competitions. The first competition was held in Grade Nine. We asked students to write thank you letters to Mr. Hekmann in German. The two students who wrote the best two letters received  the two t-shirts.
Students of Grade Eight used the unsigned photos to make a display about football on one of the bulletin boards using the German language. The best two contributors received the two autographed photos that were left.
We express our thanks to VfB Stuttgart, Mario Students Receiving MemorabiliaGomez, Serdar Tasci, and Andreas Beck for their wonderful kindness. We also express our most sincere gratitude to Mr. Helmut Hekmann for brining this wonderful excitement to our German classes and for delivering on his promise.
Vielen Dank!
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