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Rev. Andreas Herrmann and Rev. Manfred Wilfert Visit JLSS Rev Herrmann and Rev Wilfert in JLSS

Rev. Andreas Herrmann, pastor of the Church of Kurhessen - Waldeck, and Rev. Manfred Wilfert, pastor in the Evangelical Church in Hessen and Nassau, visited our school from the 1st until the 2nd of December 2009. They were both on sabbatical at the Near East School of Theology in Beirut. As the term of their stay was nearing its end, they decided to visit our school before they return to Germany. Rev. Herrmann comes from the same village, Erpfingen, that Johann Ludwig Schneller came from. Erpfingen with three other villages form the town which is now called Sonnenb├╝hl. This fact made Rev. Herrmann especially eager to come and visit JLSS. They attended evening chapel with our students. The director welcomed both pastors and explained to the students the importance of our partnership with German churches and our sincere gratitude to them for facilitating the work of Schneller schools for almost 150 years. He also asked both pastors to convey our greetings and thanks to their respective churches in Germany. They stayed in one of our guest-flats overnight after visiting the boarding department. The next day they visited our vocational department and bakery. They later met with the director of the school, before returning to Beirut. We express our gratitude to both pastors for taking the time to visit our school, and we especially thank them for their friendship and support.
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