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Independence & Founder's Day 2011

Tuesday 22 November 2011 was the day Schneller School held its celebration for Lebanese Independence Day and Founder's Day of Schneller Schools. The teachers, trainers, and students prepared a wonderful program celebrating both occasions. Each time we have a celebration we think the program was the best, and students, teachers, and trainers, insist on preparing an even better program the following occasion. This time was no exception. The program was outstanding. The students excelled in every respect which reflected the hard work the teachers and trainers put into the preparation. A wonderful addition to the program this year was the incorporation of many video interviews with fresh JLSS graduates in their place of work or universities which reflected the great success our alumni are reaching after leaving their alma mater. It was such a great joy to learn about our recent graduates and their wonderful achievements. Attending the celebration was Mrs. Leila Sati, chairperson of the Parents' Committee, with other members. Also present was Dr. Najem Haddad, President of the Lebanese chapter of the alumni association, with members of his Executive Committee. He addressed students during the program providing them with valuable advice and informing them about the work of the alumni association. At the end of the program the director addressed the guests, heads of departments, teachers, trainers, educators, members of staff, and students, thanking them for the outstanding program and emphasizing the wonderful success of the Schneller team in bringing JLSS to the standard it is in now, which makes it one of the best schools in Lebanon. He praised God for His great blessings during the last five years during which projects modernized and improved our educational and vocational teaching programs, and brought the standard of care in the boarding department to the 21st century. He emphasized the fact that the success of JLSS is that of every teacher, trainers, educator, and member of staff for doing a wonderful and dedicated job, that bears everything, spares no effort, and provides unlimited love and care to every individual student. This is the fulfillment of the founder's wish to provide good Christian care and a high standard of education and training to every needy child that comes to Schneller School. The Schneller team had every reason to celebrate. They did, and are doing a fantastic job, and the director insisted that they take credit for their success and wonderful dedication, calling them to continue their exemplary work with children which is the only guarantee for the continuation of the Schneller ministry to future generations. A very happy Schneller Founder's Day to our wonderful team and students, and may the celebration of Lebanese Independence Day bring harmony, unity, and prosperity to our beautiful country Lebanon.

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