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JLSS Website is Back after an Unexpected Interruption Wild Flowers from Lebanon (Khatmiyyeh)

We apologize to our friends, partners, students, parents, and browsers for the unexpected interruption of the JLSS website. Upon investigating the problem we found the following message on the website of the webhosting company:

Dear Valued ArisHost Customers:
We regret to inform you that ArisHost Management has decided to cease its operations. As much as we wish to continue providing our services, the economic meltdown has taken its toll on our company. We will try to keep the service up until April 7, 2009. We highly recommend that you backup all your files and find a new registrar and hosting provider immediately. Our representatives will continue to answer emails to assist you in the transition during this period. We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you. Thank you for your understanding.
ArisHost Team

We are sorry for ArisHost but are shocked that they did not bother to notify us about their decision. We immediately started looking for another webhosting company.
As our experience with ArisHost was not so good, having experienced difficulty in communications with companies abroad, we decided to go local. We chose the Lebanese company Terranet which is now hosting our website. We hope this time we will have long lasting and uninterrupted presence on the web.
We kindly ask our friends and partners to inform us about the reliability of our website and its ease of access.

Please email us to:
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Please note that you can access our website on any of the following addresses:

Johann Ludwig Schneller School thanks you for your patience, friendship, and support.
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