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Katja Buck Editor of Schneller Magazine in JLSS

Katja Buck, editor of Schneller Magazine, visited our school from the 18th until the 22nd of November 2009. She came from Germany with the intent of learning about both our schools in Jordan and Lebanon. Her visit was an opportunity for taking many photos. Our children were, as always, ready to pose with smiling faces, eager to have their pictures taken. She visited all our Katja in Action at JLSSdepartments and had meetings with coordinators, heads of departments, and the director. The Schneller Magazine is an EMS (Evangelisches Missionswerk in S├╝dwestdeutschland) publication about our schools. It is issued in Germany in the German language. It is also translated to English, and is accessible online at this link. We highly appreciate the work Katja is doing, and we very much appreciate her friendship, writing skills, and knowledge of our schools and region. We are also very grateful for her communication skills that merge the needs of her readers in Europe and those of our schools in their particular locations. Her appreciation and understanding of the history of Schneller schools in the Middle East is an additional valuable aspect of her work. We hope that we will soon be able to issue an Arabic translation of the Schneller Magazine for local readers in our region. It will then become a forum for East West dialogue and exchange of information and knowledge. In addition to that it will also be an excellent tool to make the work of Schneller schools known to Middle East readers. We thank Katja for her visit and wonderful work, and we wish her the best in her work.
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