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Rev. Klaus Schmid Visit

Rev. Klaus Schmid, former JLSS educator and Head of the Boarding Department, and current President of EVS in Germany,Rev Schmid Honored in JLSS visited our school from Monday 19 until Thursday 22 March 2012.
Rev. Schmid, together with Rev. Ulrike Schmidt-Hesse, is also in charge of the duties of EMS Liaison and Executive Secretary of EVS which was vacant after the departure of Rev. Andreas Maurer. They share this responsibility until Rev. Dr. Uwe Gräbe takes office next May.
It has been some-time since Rev. Schmid last visited JLSS, so he had a lot of catching up to do. With all his responsibilities and various capacities relating to Schneller schools he had so much to do in JLSS. He had meetings with the director and other members of staff including EMS staff and volunteers.
Rev. Schmid is at home when he is in JLSS, so he caught up with old friends and visited the various departments in order to see the developments of the last two years. He also had a very special time when he visited Mr. Youssef Mourad in Zahle, reminiscing on various incidents and the history of JLSS from its very beginning. Rev Schmid Cutting the Cake
Rev. Schmid attended the Children's Day celebration which was held on Tuesday 20 March 2012 at 11:00AM in Hermann Schneller Hall.
During the weekly gathering of teachers and staff on Thursday 23 March there was a nice surprise for Rev. Schmid. This year is the 50th year of dedicated service of Rev. Schmid to Schneller schools in various capacities. The kitchen staff prepared a huge cake to celebrate the occasion which all JLSS teachers and members of staff attended. The Director thanked Rev. Schmid for his love and dedication to Schneller schools for 50 years insisting that Rev. Schmid continue his wonderful work for many more years. Also attending was the President of the Parents' Committee, Mrs. Leila Sati, who also thanked Rev. Schmid and presented him with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
We sincerely thank Rev. Schmid for his remarkable dedication and long service to Schneller schools. We especially thank him for his wonderful visit.

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