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KNUTH CNC Lathe Arrives to JLSS from Germany

KNUTH CNC Lathe in JLSSJune 12, 2019 was a very special day for the Industrial Mechanics trainers of JLSS. The Knuth LabTurn 2028 CNC Lathe they have been waiting for arrived to their workshop.
Our students were going every year to Zahle to train on a similar machine in preparation for their official exams because we did not have a CNC lathe.
We brought this need to our partners and main supporters, EVS/EMS. They allocated a generous amount as a matching grant for this project.
We had to look for a donor to provide the rest of the funds needed.
Mr. Hans Eppler, member of the Evangelical Church in W├╝rttemberg who is from Erpfingen the birthplace of Johann Ludwig Schneller, visited JLSS with Mr. Ahmad Rami Debs in April 2018. They kindly donated US$ 9,500 towards this project.
With the EVS matching-grant and this donation we had the needed funds for buying the CNC lathe. 
By the time we had the necessary funds, the local company that gave us the original offer for the project had closed down. We had to look for another source in Lebanon to order the CNC lathe, but there were none to be found.
A search online brought us to the German firm that builds such CNC lathes, KNUTH Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH.
We communicated with them and we placed our order.
We had to wait many months for the machine to be built and shipped.
Finally, the dream came true, and the CNC lathe arrived in JLSS.
We express our sincere gratitude to our German partners and supporters, EVS/EMS for the main grant of this project.
We equally thank Mr. Eppler and Mr. Debs for donating the remaining funds needed.
Through our partnership with SES (Senior Experts Service of Germany), we arranged for a qualified expert to come from Germany to JLSS in October 2019. He will train our trainers in operating the KNUTH CNC lathe and use it for training our students.


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