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Kreh Group Visit 2011 Kreh Group 2011

EVS committee member and old friend of JLSS, Anselm Kreh, arrived to Schneller with a tour group from Germany Saturday 29 October 2011. The group stayed in our guesthouse until November 5. The group consisted of church members and supporters of Schneller schools. They met with the director who later showed them around the school. They visited various touristic places in Lebanon in spite of the security concerns of the Lebanese police who insisted on accompanying them wherever they went. All through the duration of their stay there was police presence with them 24 hours a day. The group consisted of Rev. Elfriede Schick pastor of Löwenstein Church, Uta Leuz also from Löwenstein Church, Jsabella Röser from Neubütten Church, Thomas Prinz Diakon Giengen, Anette and Peter Melchinger trumpeter and choir of Giengen Church, Waltraud and Martin Hörch teacher in Giengen Church, Gisela Härrte and Kurt Schaal from BBW Waiblingen, and Tilman, Jonas and Anselm Kreh. We especially thank Hannelore Richter for kindly donating 1000 Euro to JLSS. We also thank the group for staying in our guest facilities and for their kind support of our school. We especially thank Anselm Kreh for his friendship and wonderful dedication to JLSS.
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