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Kreh Group Visit 2014

EVS committee member and old friend of JLSS, Anselm Kreh, arrived to Schneller School with a tour group from Germany Wednesday 11 June 2014. The group consisted of church members and supporters of Schneller schools. They visited various touristic places in Lebanon in spite of the security situation.
Kreh Group Visit 2014 The group consisted of Anselm, Jonas, & Tilman Kreh, Dr. Gerd Backes and his wife Dr. Jutta Backes, Mr. Jan-Ulrich Rademaker, Mrs. Annegret Göhringer, Mr. Christian and Mrs. Margarete Sauermann, Mrs. Claudia Barth, Mrs. Ingrid Kümmerle, Mrs. Claudia Burkert-Ankenbrand, Mr. Ulrich Esslinger and his brother Andreas, Mrs. Iris Gruttke, Mrs. Getrud Neugebauer, and Elise Kreh who stayed in the house of Dr. Riad Kassis.
Members of the group played brass instruments during the evening chapel service of the boarding department on Thursday 12 June at 7:00 PM and Anselm also played the piano.
The group had a meeting with the director to hear about the latest developments in JLSS. They visited the various departments and got to know our staff and the work they do, enquiring about old and new projects and events.
Just before their departure on Friday 20 June they planted a cedar tree in the biblical garden to commemorate their visit. It was good that it took them sometime to plant theKreh Group Visit 2014 cedar and say good buy because a suicide bomber blew himself up on the Dahr Al-Beidar checkpoint that morning.
The group had to turn back because the road to Beirut was closed. They travelled to Beirut through the Chouf region, but by the time they arrived in the airport they had already missed their flight. They stayed in the airport for fifteen hours before they could get a flight back to Germany.
We are so grateful that the group returned safely to Germany in spite of the danger and difficulties they faced. We thank all the  members of the group for their visit, for staying in our guest facilities, and for their kind support of our school.
We especially thank Anselm Kreh for his friendship and wonderful dedication to JLSS.

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