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Krehs Visit JLSS on 30 October 2008

Anselm and Susanna Kreh with their two sons and daughter visited JLSS on Thursday 30 October 2008. They had been in Lebanon for a few days visiting old friends. Mr. Kreh was head of the vocational department from 2002 till 2006. He was elected on the EVS board last year. They arrived in the morning and the Kreh children were eager to catch up with their class mates so they joined them in their classes for the day. Anselm and Susanna went around the school after meeting with the director to see the developments of the last few years and to see their old friends. They had lunch at JLSS and stayed until the afternoon catching up with old friends. Everyone was delighted with their visit. The Krehs are very good friends of JLSS and they continuously support our school. We thank them for their visit and for their friendship and support.
Krehs Back in JLSS for a Visit
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