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The Vocational School Celebrates Labor Day 2008

The Vocational Department of Johann Ludwig Schneller School celebrated Labor Day 2008 with a special program held on Thursday 24 April 2008 at 1.15 pm. Students prepared for over a month for this very special day.
The program included music, dance, and drama taken from daily life in our school especially in the vocational department. It was a special opportunity for our students to imitate their teachers and trainers, and they did it in a very comic way. Students from all workshops participated in the program.
Mr. Fadi Tebcherani prepared two very nice video-presentations about our vocational school and about the restoration of the clock and bells in the tower of our St. Michael's church.
Mr. Nasser Al-Jamal, a Lebanese musicians and father of one of our students, participated in the program by playing the OUD (local string instrument) and singing local songs accompanied by his son who played the DIRBAKKEH (local drum). 
We express our sincere gratitude to him and his son, Mohammad, for their very nice performance.
We also express our thanks to Mr. Joseph Bou Semaan, head of our vocational department, his team of  teachers and trainers, Mr. Fadi Tebcherani, and all the students of the vocational department for the wonderful program they prepared.
Happy Labor Day!
Labor Day 2008
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