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Labor Day Celebration 2012 Labor Day Celebration 2012

Labor Day was celebrated in JLSS on Friday 27 April 2012 at 1:30 PM. A special program was held in Herman Schneller Hall.
The Labor Day program is traditionally prepared in JLSS by the Vocational Department.
The program began with the Lebanese national anthem, then the director delivered a short message. He expressed his sadness that this occasion passes yet again at a time when some JLSS members of staff and teachers will soon lose their jobs. The latest increase in salaries imposed yet another reduction of staff. Like most other countries in the world, Lebanon is facing serious economic challenges, but the Lebanese situation is much worse due to the political setup in which government decision are a product of political bickering not what is best for the country. He explained to both students and members of staff that life in the 21st century does not allow individuals to maintain jobs throughout their working careers. People lose their work regularly, and those who are flexible, willing to acquire new skills, and continue learning, even new professions in accordance with job demands Labor Day Celebration 2012of the market, are the ones who will survive. Those who expect to have one profession throughout their career will be disappointed and will suffer enormously.
He expressed his sincere gratitude to JLSS teachers and members of staff for their dedication and hard work. He also thanked all the trainers, students, and members of staff who prepared the program. He concluded with a short prayer.
The program continued with a video presentation prepared by students of the car mechanics department. Then students presented funny sketches reflecting the challenges of day-to-day life in our school.
After some music and the usual dance by some students of Lebanese DABKEH, the Head of the Vocational Department, Mr. Joseph Bou Simaan, concluded the program with a short message thanking all the Schneller staff for their devoted work.

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