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Labor Day Celebration by the Vocational School

Labor Day was celebrated on Friday 10 May 2019 at 1:30 PM. A special program was held in Herman Schneller Hall. The Labor Day program is traditionally prepared by the Vocational Department.
The program began with the Lebanese national anthem, then the director delivered a short message. He thanked JLSS trainers, teachers, educators, and members of staff for their dedication and hard work. He also thanked all the trainers, students, and members of staff who prepared the program. He concluded with a short prayer.
The program included poetry, sketches, and the traditional Lebanese folkdance (DABKEH).
The acting Head of the Vocational Department, Mr. Fares Nasralleh, concluded the program with a short message thanking all the Schneller staff for their devoted work.

Labor Day Celebration 2019

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