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Leonard Campbell Helps in the Schneller Bakery

Leonard Campbell has been in Lebanon helping Christian institutions for the last four years. He was a mission coworker from the Windsor Baptist Church - Belfast. Before his training in theological college he was a professional baker. He helped setup at least two bakery projects in Lebanon for visually impaired people. He was asked to come to the Schneller bakery in order to provide some advice for our bakers who were having a few problems. He kindly accepted the invitation and came and stayed in our guest house for two days on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2007. He spent two days with our bakery staff monitoring their work and providing them with professional advice how to solve some of the problems they were facing. Our bakers highly appreciated his visit and the supervisor of our bakery, Mr. Mohammad Rahhal, ended up with a three page report of recommendations to solve some issues. The presence of a baker from Northern Ireland among bakers trained by a German baker was not the easiest of tasks, but Leonard in the end managed to teach our bakers to make scones, which by itself is a great achievement. We highly appreciate Leonard's visit and help, and we wish him the best as he heads home after four years of wonderful ministry in Lebanon.
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