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SES Expert Marita Clausen in JLSS

JLSS friend and long time supporter, Marita Clausen, arrived to our school from Germany on Tuesday 21 April 2009. She was sent upon our request to SES (Senior Expert ServiceMarita with our Kitchen Staff of Germany) for expert assistance in our kitchen.
Our head Chef, Mr. Yousef Lahoud, retired recently, and Mr. Daniel Abbas took over as Head Chef, so it was a good time to update our kitchen staff with some expert knowledge. Although they are all well qualified, the exchange of ideas, practices, and refresher training from someone who had a lifetime career in this field exposes them to the little extra knowledge that will help them advance their skills. This way they can better serve our children.
Naturally this is not an easy task, especially when three meals and a snack a day need to be prepared for around two hundred people at the same time. With patience and tolerance from all Marita Clausen with Chef Danielsides this learning process ended up being a good experience to all, and the kitchen became a slightly better organized place.
Our staff also improved their skills in preparing healthy menus.
The experimentation with new recipes was not as successful, because the local taste for food is geared more to the strong taste of herbs, spices, garlic, and onion, rather than the sweet flavor of Western food.
We express our sincere gratitude to Marita Clausen for her wonderful work in training and assisting our kitchen staff for a period of three weeks, and we thank her for her support and love of our school.
We also thank SES (Senior Expert Service of Germany) for the wonderful support we receive in providing us with the experts we need to continue to train our staff with additional skills.
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