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Rev. Andreas Maurer with Moussa Al-Munaizel & Kerstin Sommer at JLSS Rev. Maurer Mr. Munaizel & Ms. Sommer Meeting Staff of our Boarding Department

Rev. Andreas Maurer along with Mr. Moussa Al-Munaizel and Ms. Kerstin Sommer arrived to JLSS on Saturday 28 March 2009. This was Rev. Maurer's yearly visit in which he comes to JLSS to follow up on the work and catch up with developments on the ground. He had various meetings with the director and members of staff as needed. He also met with Uli and Jacob, the two EMS volunteers currently serving in JLSS. He visited the various departments and both the recently executed projects: the Girls' Vocational Training Center (Elizabeth von der Decken Hall) and Herman Schneller Hall/Gym. The climax of his visit was attending the meeting of the Board of Trustees which was held in the National Evangelical Church in Beirut on Tuesday 31 March hours before he flew back to Germany.
Mr. Moussa Al-Munaizel and Ms. Kerstin Sommer had various meetings with the educators (staff of our boarding school) and the head of the boarding department, Mr. Martin Bernhard. One of those meetings was a session on Conflict Resolution. They also met with our car mechanics trainer, Mr. Hisham Maalouf, who is accompanying a number of our students on a visit to Germany soon. They met with those students and briefed them on their upcoming trip. They returned to Amman on Tuesday 31 March.
We thank Rev. Maurer, Mr. Munaizel, and Ms. Sommer for their kind visit and wonderful support of our school.
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