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MEA Happiness Trip to Egypt

For the second time, MEA (the Lebanese national airline: Middle East Airlines) sponsored and organized a Joy and Happiness Trip to Egypt. This trip is exclusively for Lebanese orphans and is totally financed by MEA. Eight boys and girls from the boarding department of Schneller School went on this trip on an airplane full of orphans from all Egypt MEA Trip 2012 over Lebanon. They were accompanied by Mr. Elias Haddad, educator of Schneller Family Five (Boarding Home 5).

Departure from Hariri International Airport in Beirut to Egypt was on Thursday 15 March 2012 at 5:30 AM . Arrived in Cairo International Airport was at 11:00 AM. The group had lunch in a restaurant called the Blue Nile Ship, then they visited the National Museum. They were taken on a boat trip in the Nile River, and later visited the Al-Jazeera Football Club. The Lebanese Ambassador in Egypt welcomed the children at dinner time, then they visited the football field and played football.

The second day they visited the pyramids and had lunch at a KFC Restaurant. They visited the City of the Pharos and in the evening there was a special entertainment program that included learning magic tricks from a magician. There was also a general knowledge competition in which one of our students, Elas Abou Akl, won a prize (a nice watch). Egypt MEA Trip 2012

The plan for the third day was a visit to Dream Park but unfortunately the workers were on strike so the children were taken to visit one of the big malls in Cairo. They were then taken to the Italian National Circus which they enjoyed very much especially taking pictures near the lion. They had lunch in the Nile Ship Restaurant and then watched the football game between Barcelona and Real Madrid.

They visited the zoo on the forth day and had lunch at a McDonald's Restaurant. The director of MEA in Egypt, Mr. Mohammad Sharkawi, surprised one of our children, Elas Abou Akl whose birthday was on that day, wishing him a very happy birthday.Egypt MEA Trip 2012

They returned to Beirut on Sunday 18 March 2012 having had the most joyful trip of their life.

We congratulate all our children for their model behavior during the trip.

We sincerely thank Middle East Airlines and their wonderful staff who took great care of our children. We especially thank Mr. Mohammad Sharkawi and Mrs. Lina Tabbarah for their enormous efforts in looking after the children and making sure they had a wonderful time.

A very special thank you to MEA for this wonderful program that brings incredible joy and happiness to underprivileged children in Lebanon.

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