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Morag Gillies of BibleLands in JLSS Morag Gillies in JLSS

Morag Gillies, Partnerships Coordinator of BibleLands, visited Schneller School from Thursday 24 until Friday 25 February 2011. She had a meeting with the director to follow-up on the partnership of BibleLands with JLSS. She visited classrooms, workshops, and the boarding homes, and was able to see first-hand the work that is being done through grants kindly provided by BibleLands. As she stayed overnight she was also able to attend the evening chapel service and address the children. The director welcomed her and reminded the children of the long standing partnership with BibleLands that goes back to the very first days of our school. He gave them concrete examples of the projects that are supported by BibleLands from the Solar Panels Project to the Girls Vocational Training Center and of course the most significant one to the children which is their Christmas and Easter presents. Morag greeted the children and explained to them how important it is to come and see the work that is being done through the grants that the supporters of BibleLands are giving. She will thus be able to go back and report to BibleLands' supporters how their kind donations are transforming the lives of Schneller boys and girls. She urged students to work hard to benefit from all the opportunities Schneller School is providing them in preparation for a successful future career. We thank Morag for her very kind visit, and for taking the time in her very busy schedule to visit our school. We also thank BibleLands for our wonderful partnership, and for enabling us to achieve our aims and hopes for underprivileged children.
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