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National Evangelical Church of Beirut Visit

A large group of people form the National Evangelical Church of Beirut visited JLSS on Saturday 22 May 2010. The visit was organized by the ladies society of the church: YAD AL-MUSAADEH (Helping Hand) and it was composed mainly of church ladies with a few men also among them. They visited the guesthouse and the bakery and met with the director of the school in order to learn more about JLSS and the work it is doing for needy children. JLSS is owned, supported, and managed by the National Evangelical Church of Beirut, and this visit is part of its effort to bring the school closer to the church and to bring church members closer to JLSS. We express our sincere gratitude to the Beirut church for this wonderful visit, and we especially thank Mrs. Wadea Badr and the Ladies Society for their wonderful support of our school.
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