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Needs List

There are many ways to help Johann Ludwig Schneller School. Here are some suggestions:

Donations in Kind:
We welcome your donations ranging from shoes and clothing to sweets.

Donations in Cash:
Any small contribution makes a large difference.
If you would like to make a contribution to our school please click this link for our bank details.

Volunteer at JLSS:
Volunteering opportunities are limited to four persons per year. German candidates are requested to apply directly to the EMS volunteer program, others can apply directly to JLSS!
Click here to download an applications form (PDF format).

For more information about helping JLSS please contact the director.

Urgent Need:
Additional funds for the hangar project to be used as a carpentry workshop. Any contribution is welcome.

Main List

1- Desks and chairs for the six new vocational classrooms of the hangar project. US$ 15,000

2- Electrical installations in upper floor (Classrooms) of the hangar project. US$ 7,000.

3- Two diesel-fan-heaters for the new carpentry workshop. US$ 1,250 each.

4- Photocopying Machine for the Vocational Department. US$ 1,850.

5- Circular Saw Blade Sharpening Machine with Cooling Fluid and Stand. US$ 5,550.

6- Band Saw Sharpening and Setting Machine. US$ 2,750.

7- Sports equipment for the gym (Hermann Schneller Hall) US$ 5,000.

8- Renovation of old laundry floor. Estimated Cost: US$ 20,000

9- Two television sets to replace very old ones in two boarding homes US$ 1,200

Thank you in advance!
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Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule

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