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New Laws Passed for Additional Vocational Training Programs

The Lebanese Government passed new laws allowing our school to start new vocational training programs. Decree number 3009 dated 13 January 2010 allowed JLSS to teach sewing and hairdressing at the BP level, and Decree 1296 dated 7 January 2010 passed the new Dual System Carpentry Curriculum that JLSS requested and had been working to produce with GTZ: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit and JLSS' partners in Germany (EVS: Evangelischer Verein für die Schneller-Schulen & BBW: Berufsbildungswerk Waiblingen gGmbH) for the last two years. Both decrees were published in the Official Gazette and thus the legal requirements for launching those programs were finally completed. Both were very important achievements for JLSS. The first finally brought vocational training to girls in JLSS, and the second affirmed the role of our school in shaping vocational training in Lebanon. We thank all our partners who helped us to reach those objectives. We especially thank EVS and BBW in Germany and both GTZ and the Directorate of Vocational Training in the Ministry of Education in Lebanon for helping us to achieve those very important goals.
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