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New Parents' Committee for JLSS

Parents of Schneller School students had a meeting on Thursday 24 November 2016 at 1.00 pm toNew Parents' Committee elect a new Parents' Committee. The response to our invitation was not good. We did not have quorum from the first session.
The second meeting was held on the 1st of December, also with only a few people present.
Attending was the representative of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Gabi Massaad who organized all the proceedings.
Mrs. Amani Fares, Mrs. Rihab Kenaan, Mr. Nasser Shmeis, Mr. Charbel Lahham, and Mr. Basseem Nasr won uncontested.
The new Parents' Committee elected Mrs. Amani Fares Chairperson, Mrs. Rihab Kinaan Vice Chairperson, Mr. Nasser Shmeis Secretary, and Mr. Charbel Lahham and Mr. Basseem Nasr Members of the Finance Committee in addition to Miss Rita Rashed and Mrs. Houda Haddad Saadeh who were nominated by the school administration.
We thank our parents for their cooperation, and we congratulate the newly elected committee.
We look forward to working with the new Parents' Committee for the coming three years.
We especially thank Mr. Gaby Massaad, who monitored the whole process and provided legal and technical advice for correct procedure. 

The phone numbers of members of the Parents Committee are as follows:
Mrs. Amani Fares, Chairperson: 03 037847
Mrs. Rihab Kinaan, Vice Chairperson: 76 028771
Mr. Nasser Shmeis, Secretary: 03 789023
Mr. Charbel Lahham, Finance Committee Member: 03 604475
Mr. Basseem Nasr, Finance Committee Member: 71 395558

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